The 5 Best Coffee Alternatives

The 5 Best Coffee Alternatives

The 5 Best Coffee Alternatives

So you want to kick your coffee habit? I feel attacked.

I’ll drink upwards of two coffees a day just to feel something, but after getting this question a lot - I realized in addition to coffee - I’m a fan of all beverages.

So, if you’re one of the people out there that’s finding coffee just doesn’t do it for you anymore, you might want to look at some solid and healthy coffee alternatives.

Luckily - as a recovering caffeine addict - you’ve come to the right place. We’ve got you covered.

Benefits to Coffee Alternatives

While coffee is a healthy beverage - you might be wanting to substitute coffee for a variety of reasons:

  • nervousness & agitation
  • overall “jitters”
  • digestive issues
  • headaches
  • a lack of quality coffee shops near you :)

Or, maybe you just don’t need your fourth cup of the day and need something else to switch it up. Here’s 5 alternatives to coffee you should consider:

The 5 Best Coffee Alternatives & Substitutes

Impossible Energy

What - did you think we were going to spend all this time formulating the best clean energy drink on the market and not talk about it first?

Sorry - we’re biased - but if you’re looking to ditch coffee, and find something that’s more convenient, ready to go, and going to give you the same level of kick (or more) - you need to check it out.

Available in tropical punch and sour apple - Impossible Energy is ready to help you push your limits and do something impossible on your next adventure.

Not only that, it comes in a convenient stick pack form that makes it super easy to grab, rip, and go wherever you need to go do something impossible.

→ Try IMPOSSIBLE Energy today.

LMNT Electrolytes

Warning: No caffeine inside.

If your reasons for ditching coffee involve ditching caffeine, LMTN may have you covered. It’s a tasty electrolyte drink with zero sugar and lots of salt - we’re talking 1000mg.

The best part of LMNT is you can dilute it as much as you personally like so if you want it strong you can do that or you can have it so it just tastes like a lightly flavored water.

It’s also going to hydrate you throughout the day vs. dehydrating you like coffee (a diuretic) will do.

Our favorite flavors: watermelon, raspberry, citrus.

→ You can try all of LMNT’s flavors here for free. Just pay shipping.

Matcha Green Tea

Personally, matcha does not suit our flavor palette as much as coffee, if you’re looking for a lighter source of caffeine - matcha comes from green tea and many former coffee lovers swear by it.

While we still like our cold brew, matcha can be a good way to change up the pace every now and then. With a distant flavor profile, mouthfeel and effect than coffee - it’s definitely a different experience.

As far as brands go, if you’re looking for match that’s quick and on the go, check out Moontower Matcha - a local Austin Brand here. The peach is the best flavor.

→ Try Moontower Matcha

Golden Milk

Golden milk is a another caffeine free beverage you can substitute for coffee. It’s much more of a “cozy” drink than coffee in our opinion but it can still do the trick.

Usually this beverage includes milk, ginger, cinnamon, vanilla, turmeric, black pepper and more.

You’ll often find people make this with a milk substitute or other flavorings like cardamon or honey.

While this drink won’t get you amped like coffee might, it does have a variety of anti-inflammatory properties thanks to tumeric (and it’s active ingredient cur cumin).

Plus, it looks pretty cool and smells great. Personally, I love golden milk more for the experience than the drink itself, but to each their own.

→ Try Golden Milk here.

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Coffee

Four stigmatic is the original coffee substitute. Made with functional mushrooms, Four stigmatic has become the go to substitute as the “mushroom coffee” brand.

While, we personally think the taste is definitely not similar to our favorite coffee, we can’t deny that they have a place in the world of coffee substitutes and they are often the best - if you’re looking for a 1:1 replacement for your morning cup of caffeine, look no further.

→ Try Four Stigmatic Here

Coffee substitutes we’re not fans of:

You’ll see these on other lists quite often, but we’re not big fans here.

  • Aruyvedic Roast
  • Cafix Coffee
  • Teecino

These are made out of rye, barley and other grains we don’t typically eat or drink anyways - so we’re not sure why we’d swap out one of our favorite beverages ever (coffee) for them.

Final Thoughts

If you’re going to drink coffee, we always prefer espresso or cold brew. (The Nitro from Caveman Coffee is one of the best on the internet anywhere).

That said, if you’re trying to kick the advances of your daily cup of Joe, give Impossible Energy a try or one of the others we listed above and report back.

Let us know what we missed :).

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