The Andrew Huberman Sleep Cocktail

The Andrew Huberman sleep cocktail is becoming massively popular on the internet because of the Huberman Lab podcast. 

There's a series of posts that talk about the cocktail, but we went right to the source - the OG podcast episodes and Andrew's site itself to dig up the actual formula he recommends. We also share the one drink mix that's hits this ingredient profile all in one tasty nighttime drink.

Here's the formula:

The Huberman Sleep Cocktail

  • 300-400mg of magnesium (threonate, bisglycinate, orcitrate)
  • 100-200mg of l-theanine
  • 50mg of apigenin (optional)

Things to consider

Apigenin seems to have some estrogen atagonism. For this reason, many women choose to not include apigenin on their own. And because of the interactions with hormones - men may experiment with it on their own as well.

Magnesium comes in many forms. While Huberman recommends mangesium threonate and magnesium bisglycinate, magnesium citrate is also hugely popular and has more elemental magnesium than all other forms.

One issue with magnesium threonate is that there's actually ~1/3rd less elemental magnesium than other forms so you need a significant amount more of raw ingredients to get to the optimal dosage of elemetal magnesium.

If you are new to magnesium supplementation, you may want to slowly dial up the amount you take (start with 100mg) as it can cause stomach discomfort. This usually subsides as you adapt to it.

Introducing Impossible Sleep

Because Andrew creates this concoction on his own - there aren't many sleep supplements that mimic this. Many sleep formulas contain tons of melatonin or superflurous ingredients that aren't even dosed in the correct quantity.

One exception - is the Impossible Sleep formula. At 350mg magnesium and 150mg of l-theanine - it's almost the exact formula that Huberman prescribes in his cocktail.










Also because apigenin is only recommended on occasion for men - you can take this sleep cocktail in one easy mix and dose apiginen on the side - or not at all if you choose not to. See our entire article on apigenin here for more details.

Sleep Cocktail References in the Media

Andrew Huberman has become hugely popular in 2020 and 2021 as his podcast has taken off. Here's a few popular places where he discusses his preferred sleep cocktail.

Andrew also references his cocktail here:

You can see Andrew's official recommendations here.

Sources & Citations

While it's important to note that we've come to the similar conclusions in our independent research as Andrew Huberman. IMPOSSIBLE ® has no relationship with him. We found many of the things that he spoke on his podcast were the exact same reasons we created Impossible Sleep and it speaks to the depth of the research to have a respected neuroscientist come to the same conclusions around sleep health that we have.

Photo by Luke Oslizlo on Unsplash

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