Best Cameras for Sports

If you’re an athlete looking to capture your next impossible adventure on camera – here’s our best recommendations.

The Best Camera for Sports

We’ve reviewed the best camera for sports – specifically for athletes looking to capture the best images of their impossible challenges. Here’s your best bets:

Best Video Camera for Sports

Sony A1

Price: $6499.99

Best Video Camera for Sports
Sony A1

The most expensive camera on our list - this guy can do it all. Videos, photos, and more - if you want an all-in-one camera - this is our "buy once, cry once" pick. This baby will be your pick for years to come and you can add in extra footage with the action & 360º cameras on our list to make your next sports film epic.

Sony A1
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The most expensive camera on the list for us is also the top tier. Clocking in over $6k, the A1 will shoot 8k content to match your adventures – all at 30fps while autofocusing.

If your sport is especially fast pace, this autofocus system is going to become your new best friend.

Combine that with the pleathora of interchangeable lenses – this is the best of the best – if you’ve got the cash for it.

Buy the Sony A1 here

Best Camera for Sports

Canon EOS R5

Price: $3,899.99

Best for Sports Photography.
Canon EOS R5

This baby is pricey, but worth. Built for fast-action photography, if you're looking to capture action in the moment - this is the tool for you.

Canon EOS R5
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Specifically for photography, the EOS r5 shines. Shooting up to 12fps and 20fps (elecronic), it’s fastpaced enough for you to keep up.

Along with the extensive line of lenses that Canon is known for, you’ll be able to adapt and keep up with the action – no matter what sport you’re in.

While there are better options if you’re shooting video content, if you need a killer camera for sports photography, take a look at the R5.

Buy the Sony EOS R5 here

Most Affordable Camera for Sports

Sony ZV-1

Price: $749.99

Best Budget Sports Camera
Sony ZV 1

The Sony ZV-1 clocks in under 1k, but packs a punch. Designed originally for vloggers - it's perfect for the sports athlete looking to capture some great footage behind the scenes and share the epic story of their latest adventure.

Sony ZV 1
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The ZV-1 is squarely aimed at Sony’s vlogging audience. If you’re a pro cameraman, you might think it’s underpowered – but the best camera is the one you have on you and for any of your mid-level adventures – the ZV-1 is perfect.

In addition to a 20.1MP and 4k capture, it also comes with a wireless shooting grip and tripod so you can always have it at the ready.

While this camera might not be perfect when you’re in the middle of a sporting adventure – if you’re vlogging around it (or picking up b-roll), it’s the perfect portable camera that you won’t mind packing up for the ride.

Buy the Sony ZV-1 here

Most Advanced Camera for Sports

Coming Soon…

Best Camera for Action Sports

The Go Pro Hero 12 Black

Price: $399

Best Action Sports Camera
GoPro Hero 12 Black

Hands down, the best camera for capturing footage in-action. If you're an athlete and want to catch footage close to the action, there really is no other choice.

GoPro Hero 12 Black
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The Go Pro is the market leader for years in the action sports space. Not only does it have a wide range of accessories and attachments so it’s uber-portable so you can take it with you any and everywhere.

If you’re an athlete trying to self shoot or a photographer who needs to be able to have something ready to go at all times – you can’t really beat the GoPro brand and you’ll be hard pressed to even beat it up.

There’s a reason every major action sport uses GoPro. This one is an easy call.

Buy The Go Pro Hero 12 Black Here

Best Camera for 360º Sports Photography

The Insta 360 X3

Price: $449.99

Best 360 Camera
Insta 360 X3

For the 360º capture, the Insta 360X3 is your camera of choice. Small, versatile and getting footage from all angles - this guy packs a punch and is affordable enough to send on your next crazy adventure.

Insta 360 X3
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If you’re looking to use 360º photography in your repetoire, look no further than the Insta 360 X3. Insta is the leader in the 360 camera space and this is the perfect addition to your camera bag for when you need the on-the-go, third-person views.

With the invisible selfie stick, 4k resolution video, and state of the art stabalization, this is perfect if you’re looking to get professional style shots up close and personal as an athlete.

Also – priced under $500, it’s an absolute steal.

Buy the Insta 360 X3 here

Best Camera for Sports Drone Photography

The DJI Mavic

Price: $1,099

Best Sports Drone
DJI Mavic 3

The Mavic 3 is the leader in drones. The perfect blend of amazing stabilized footage, affordability, and sleek operational capability - if you're trying to get some aerial footage of your next sports - this is the drone for you.

DJI Mavic 3
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The DJI Mavic is the best bet for general drone sports photography. Clocking in at just over $1000, it’s a relative steal for the types of images you’ll be able to make.

With affordable aerial footage – the DJI mavic will up-level your entire video project and add new perspectives to your challenges that otherwise would be otherweise impossible.

If you’re considering drone footage – there’s no better player in town. Grab the Mavic.

Buy the DJI Mavic Here

Best Camera for Drone Sports FPV


Price: $999

Best FPV Sports Drone Camera

The leader in drones launched their FPV drone and it's second to none. Make sure you have the skills to rock this, but if you do - you'll get some of the coolest footage imaginable.

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If you’re looking to do various drone sports FPV shots, take a look at the DJI FPV. Complete with drone, goggles and both a motion and remote controller, this killer FPV drone packs a punch while serving up some absolute incredible visuals that you can’t replicate anywhere else.

The drone itself looks badass and you’re sure to match that with the visuals you create when you’re ready to shoot.

Buy The DJI FPV Here


  • Best Video Camera – Sony A1
  • Best Sports Photography Camera – Canon EOS R5
  • Most Affordable – Sony ZV-1
  • Best for Action Sports Athletes – Go Pro Hero 12
  • Best for 360º Videography – Insta 360 X3
  • Drone with Camera for Sports – DJI Mavic
  • FPV Drone with Camera for Sports – DJI FPV

No matter if you’re an athlete or a photographer, hopefully this buyer guide helps you pick out the right gear to capture your next impossible adventure – no matter how extreme.

Did we miss any? Let us know in the comments below.