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Impossible Sleep™

Impossible Sleep™

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Impossible Sleep

Impossible Sleep is the sleep drink and recovery drink of choice for elite athletes and high performance humans. Designed to help you fall asleep quickly by turning off your racing mind and recover deeply through essential minerals and deep sleep - Impossible Sleep is the natural recovery drink that’s going to be a staple in your nightly routine.

How to Use

Use one scoop every night - 15-30 minutes before you go to sleep. Mix in cold water or heat some up for a warm bed-time drink to help ease you into the best sleep of your life.

The Ingredients

  • 200mg Magnesium
  • 100mg l-theanine
  • Sweetened with stevia and natural flavors

How It Works


Magnesium is an essential mineral and electrolyte that your body needs. It serves to help recovery and improve sleep. It’s also been shown to improve muscle oxygenation and aerobic exercise. If you’re an active athlete - recovering with magnesium allows you to replenish much of what you lose while sweating.

In short? Magnesium is awesome.


L-theanine has a notable relaxation effect. Combined with improved sleep quality and lowering anxiety - our formula has the perfect amount to “turn off your brain” and wind down for the best sleep of your life.

Why We Made This

I created this because I’m terrible at sleep. They say you’re supposed to use your struggles to help others. So #boom - here we are.

I had two problems with sleep. One. Two, when I would wake up - I would feel beat the hell up. I push my body in extreme ways - from running across every continent on earth to doing a 30 minute retcon that leaves you on the floor to running all night on the longest day of the year. I push hard, and would wake up trashed - even if got sleep - I wouldn’t wake up recovered.

And…I tried it all…

Some sleep supplements would leave me with wild dreams, waking up in a puddle of my own sweat (gross) or sleeping waytoo long - due to the strange ingredients they included.

Some recovery supplements would work from a performance angle - but would do nothing to help me wind down at night - and I’d lay there with my mind racing for hours.

Other melatonin-heavy supplements would be hit & miss and mess with my hormone productions - something I didn’t want any part of.

So we settled on a simple, straightforward formula focused on replenishing what your body needs while staying far away from supplements that have unwanted side-effects.

What’s Not Inside

Sugar - Spikes your blood sugar, keeps you wired and secretly in other formulas.

Melatonin - A hormone - not a mineral - and found in supra-physiological doses. Can interfere with your body's natural production. More on this here in: Why Melatonin is Bad For You (coming soon).

Valerian Root - Acts like a sedative, creates wild dreams, and about as effective as a placebo.

5-HTP - Helpful for stress relief, but not for sleep. Can have dangerous interactions with medications. 

Order Impossible Sleep

You sleep every day. For the best sleep of your life - use Impossible Sleep every night before bedtime. Because we use all natural ingredients - you don’t have to worry about building a dependency other than waking up feeling amazing every day. We guarantee that you’ll notice a difference or your money back.

Work hard. Sleep Harder.