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Gym Flags

We all know rule #1 of working out. Look cool doing it.

Okay, so maybe having solid programming, benching 225 and making sure your gym doesn't have an outer-thigh machine are more important, but looking cool is right up there.

And if you're a gym owner - one of the fastest ways you can make your gym look awesome is to hang some dope gym flags to motivate your athletes (also, doesn't hurt that they make a hell of a background so your athletes can promote themselves and your gym more easily.

If you need a gym flag to set your gym up to be inspired, and push your athletes to their limits, check our collection of impossible gym flags. You'll love the messages, the design, and it will not only help your athletes push their limits on their last set - but you can make sure everyone looks awesome doing it.

Home Gym Flags

Got a home gym that you want to rep IMPOSSIBLE ® at? The IMPOSSIBLE flags are the best way to turn your garage, basement or extra space into not only a gym, but your own personal iron paradise.

Hang it above your squat rack for every rep or above the door to set the tone when you settle in for a workout - but your home gym will never be the same. Upgrade yours with a dope gym flag from IMPOSSIBLE®.

How to Hang Your Flag in your Gym

There's 3 main ways you can hang your flag in your gym.

  1. Horizontal
  2. Vertical
  3. Flying

Horizontal - Horizontal is easy enough. Just hang it sideways and make sure that it's level. You'll need to find something to attach the non-grommet side of the flag to the wall - so make sure you have tape, a staple, string or another way to hang it. 

Vertical - Vertical is our hanging style of choice for most flags. It's the easiest as you simply can hang the flag from the grommets provided for a dope, inspiring new wall decoration for your home gym.

Flying - If you have a flag holder or another place to set the . This works really well for outdoor space or places that you have a lot more space (and/or wind).

Personally - for the flags here - we prefer to hang The IMPOSSIBLE ® solo logo vertical and the IMPOSSIBLE ® logo with Push Your Limits horizontal to maximize their kick-assery.