Keto Drink Mixes

If you're looking to for the best tasting, high performance keto drink mixes - you're in the right spot.

Keto Drink Mixes from IMPOSSIBLE ®

IMPOSSIBLE® performance products are designed to help you push your limits and do the impossible - and the best part? Most of them won't kick you out of ketosis. #boom you love to hear it.


How do you know a drink mix is keto?

There's a few tests to know whether or not a drink mix is keto-friendly.

First of all, does it have sugar? If so, cross it off the list. Processed sugar is going to bump your blood sugar 

Second of all - do any of the ingredients cause glucose spikes? You can cross reference with a glycemic index food list or other research.

Third, you can wear a CGM (continuous glucose monitor) and actually monitor in real time how a drink mix affects your blood sugar levels. This is actually the best possible method because just because an ingredient doesn't usually cause a glucose spike - doesn't mean it won't cause one in you. Everyone is different so the more customized data you have - the better able you'll be to customize your keto lifestyle plan.

Our Keto Drink Mixes

Stay keto and don't break a fast while using our performance focused, keto-friendly drink mixes including:

  • Impossible Endurance
  • Impossible Rest
  • Impossible Grit

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