Collection: Soft T Shirts

So you're looking for a soft shirt? What about the softest shirt you've ever owned. IMPOSSIBLE? That's literally our middle name. Actually, it's our first (and only) name.

Impossible shirts are the more comfortable and best fitting shirt you've ever owned. They may even give you super powers (due to legal reasons, we cannot confirm or deny these rumours).

Made Comfortable for the Uncomfortable

Impossible Shirts are built for adventure. They're designed to help you get outside your comfort zone so when you're pushing your limits, you don't have to worry about the gear. 

It's not just a reminder to be on the edge of your limits, but Impossible Gear is designed in the US to support you every step of the way. 

The Softest Men's T Shirts in Existence

Bold strategy Cotton - let's see how it plays out for them.

Spoiler alert: it's playing out fantastically.

Men - you don't have to settle for uncomfortable shirts anymore. Sure, some of them look cool, but grate you to death once you test them an inch. 

Impossible shirts are designed for men who push their limits, and don't take impossible as an answer. Yes, the impossible logo is bold - and it's designed for action (no couch sitting allowed), but whether you're knocking out a 50 mile ruck, a new PR in the gym, hiking a new route, or sending it from an undisclosed rockface - IMPOSSIBLE gear is there to keep you comfortable AF.

We Make Soft Women's Tees Too

We have some of the baddest motherf--kers on the planet rocking our gear. Whether they're fighting MMA, hiking a mountain, bailing out of a helicopter or running an ultra marathon - impossible badass women around the globe know that just because you're pushing your limits, doesn't mean you have to wear uncomfortable gear.

Complete The Look

Match it with the best athletic cut and a dope black on black impossible hat and you've got one hell of a fit - ready to push your limits, do something impossible or just