Collection: Black Hats

"It can be any color, as long as it's black"

That's how we feel about our hats. We offer other ones, but the black on black on black is our absolute favorite. If you're looking for a dope black hat that's low profile, but going to push you to your limits, you're going to want to check our gear.

Black Trucker Hats

Our OG Impossible hat is a super comfortable, black on black on black trucker hat that feels like the best hat you've ever worn. You might only take the hat off to sleep and shower (and maybe not even then if you take cold showers). 

If you're looking for the best black hat you've ever seen (and the most comfortable one out there, look no further). The only problem? You might need a few ;).

Black Tactical Hats

The operator community loves our impossible hats. Not only are they understated, but they fit great, have all-day-comfort, and most importantly they stand for something.

You know when you put on the impossible hat, you're not just going to have an average day - you're there to test yourself.

Black Baseball Hats

Just want a dope hat to rock out and about? The IMPOSSIBLE hat is low profile, but a subtle reminder to always be on your edge and push your limits - no matter where you're at.

Black Fitted Hats

We've gotten tons of request to update our other IMPOSSIBLE® hats to be low profile black fitted hats. We're checking out the interest and making decisions along with the rest of our impossible gear - including our famous impossible shirt. If you'd love to see one, let us know and we'll get on it. 

Other hats designed by IMPOSSIBLE ®

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